Hi, I'm Krystyn! I started my photography journey in 2014 with a bit of an "Elle Woods Moment" when I decided I was going to leave my nearly decade-long tenure with The Walt Disney Company and become a photographer for Professional Motocross Racing. A total change in direction, I know! I traded my mouse ears for camera gear and was ready for what was next! At the time, I had only ever played around with a "fancy camera" and had never taken a photo that wasn't shot on full "Auto", but I was determined to make my next dream a reality. Don't worry, my "shooting in Auto mode" stopped the moment I actually decided to pursue photography.

With a lot of learning and thousands of hours of practice, in a few short years and thanks to the help of many individuals who believed in me, I went from mostly self-taught novice to internationally and domestically published photographer and writer. In 2017, I became the first-ever female photographer to cover a full year of officially sanctioned professional Supercross and Motocross racing in the United States. At 29 races in total, this is an accomplishment and goal that most people told me would never happen. 

My journey has been anything but traditional, but it has made me realize that no matter who my subject is in front of my lens, I am passionate about being a "Curator of Forever Memories". I have since expanded from only shooting professional dirt bike racing to working with commercial brands, families, and individuals with one common goal - capturing genuine moments, real connection, and authentic emotion no matter the subject. Most people would call this "Lifestyle Photography", but it's more than that to me, which is why "Curator of Forever Memories" came about.

We live in an age where too many of us are spending so much time carefully creating the "perfect Instagram post" or perfectly Photoshopped photo that we are forgetting to actually experience the authentic memories that exist all around us. Ironically, the very thing we are attempting to cultivate by said "perfect post" is completely missed. There is genuine magic in our everyday lives and if we don't take the time to be present in it, we just might miss it!

If you want to be a collector of #ForeverMemories, then I can't wait to work together to be your own personal curator! 

Fun Facts About Your Photographer:

  • I was a Disneyland Resort Parade performer and had the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of guests daily on my favorite stage on Earth, "Main Street, U.S.A."

  • There is always room for ice cream - especially for anything mint chip (but only the green kinds)

  • My knee was dislocated by a professional athlete while photographing a Supercross race. The medical team re-set my knee and I finished out the event on crutches and an immobilizer brace. (I was on crutches for the next four weeks and had a brace for the next three months, but never missed an event)

  • I will listen to Christmas music unapologetically at any point throughout the entire year

  • If you're riding in the car with me, get ready for an intense "car"aoke session with music ranging anywhere from punk, to Disney, to broadway, to oldies, to hip hop and everything in between

  • My closest friends call me "K.Slack"

  • I am the founder and owner of Freestyle Photocross, a motocross media brand that takes a different approach to the coverage of Professional Motocross